Advanced Collaborative Team Solutions, Inc. (ACT-Solutions) Gift Policy

ACT-Solutions is committed to serving emerging and unmet social needs by innovating, developing and launching effective interdisciplinary collaborative team-based projects. We recognize that to accomplish our work we need to engage support from a diverse community of private and public donors. ACT-Solutions seeks to work with individuals, foundations, organizations, agencies and corporations who adhere to fundamental tenets of good citizenship, social responsibility, and for corporations, the UN Global Compact on standards of corporate behavior, and the principles of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative. ACT-Solutions notes the potential for conflict between receiving certain gifts and staying on a clear path leading to fulfillment of our vision. Our gift policy guides us in fundraising and decisions in accepting philanthropic support.

ACT-Solutions will not accept contributions from any donor whose principal activities are in direct conflict with our values, goals, objectives and commitments, or which in any way limit ACT-Solutions' ability to fulfill our charitable purpose, reach our project goals or be in alignment with our core principles and values. ACT-Solutions reserves the right to decline and return contributions from any donor. Under no circumstances can we accept a contribution from a donor who wishes to dictate ACT-Solutions' programs or priorities.

Use of ACT-Solutions' logo by any donor is granted solely after submission, due consideration and prior approval. Our partners agree in advance to make all reasonable and diligent efforts to assure that ACT-Solutions' name, reputation and goodwill are not harmed by unauthorized or immoderate promotion.


United Nations Global Compact on standards of corporate behavior PDF

Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative

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