Advanced Collaborative Team Solutions, Inc. ~ Serving Emerging and Unmet Needs
We envision a world in which:
Self-represented parents committed to raising healthy children receive collaborative professional guidance and neutral decision-support necessary to: make informed child-centered decisions, reach non-adversarial mutually beneficial out-of-court family law agreements, access vocational support and microfinance resources and achieve sustainable family income.
Individuals and families impacted by medical errors, healthcare providers, hospital administrators, insurers and collaborative settlement counsel use confidential dialogue, share information, neutral experts and apology to promote healing, improve rehabilitation outcomes, address patient safety and health care quality and respectfully negotiate early non-adversarial out-of-court settlements.
Families with estate, trust, eldercare and probate conflicts preserve important relationships utilizing early non-adversarial collaborative counsel, facilitators, financial neutrals, respectful advocacy and negotiation support to reach mutually beneficial elder-centered well care and financial agreements without going to court.
Families with children and adults with special needs receive the interdisciplinary medical, legal, rehabilitation and advocacy support necessary to achieve independent daily living, social connectedness, meaningful work and self-support.
Employers and employees build rewarding working relationships using early collaborative conflict prevention and resolution to address workplace and employment concerns and create healthy, innovative, productive, high satisfaction work environments.
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